Top Tips For Preparing Your Car For Christmas Travels

Since having children my awareness for safety has sky rocketed which has meant I’ve fully child proofed my entire home and in the process of preparing my car for the colder darker months. As the darker days approach and the colder months set in it can make driving conditions both hazardous and dangerous which can cause havoc on the roads for everyone involved. Christmas is around the corner and we’ll all be driving extra distances to see family and friends so it’s super important to have your car winter ready and road worthy.

Here are my top Tips for preparing your car for Christmas Travels

1. Tyre maintenance is important. Pump up your tyres and if possible change your tyres for winter ones. Check the condition of your tyres and pressure before you drive. This will lower your risk of skidding. Car tyres in Wakefield are easily available from many tyre houses like Ossett Tyre House.

2. Get your car serviced. My car company call me once a year to book my service in which is good because I’m so forgetful! I tend to book my service in towards the end of Summer. Rest assured I know I’ve had a professional look at my car, my brakes are working and strong and all is in working order. This will then reduce your chances of breaking down.

3. Make sure your lights are working and clean. It sounds so simple but lights are so important during the winter months. Dark mornings and dark early evenings mean it’s vital all your lights are in good working order.

4. Check your windscreen, make sure it’s clean, your tank is full of screen wash and your wiper blades are clean and in good condition. If your windows are covered in frost make sure you use a de-icer before driving off. This will lower your chances of any accidents while driving.

5. And finally be prepared. Put together an emergency winter survival kit for your car so that if you break down you have everything you need because we all know car recovery companies can take time to get to you. You could include things like blankets, a torch, warm clothes, food and a first aid kit.

I hope my tips have helped you prepare your car for your Christmas travels. We all know how important it is to be safe and prepared on the roads.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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