A Look Back at 2017

Where to start?! This year has been pretty hectic, a lot has happened and to be honest 2018 better be a lot slower! I think we’re all craving a slower life with no major plans, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about this year because quite frankly I’ve enjoyed every single minute!

So the biggest life event that has happened this year is we got MARRIED! I’m so happy we tied the knot this year and weirdly got it out of the way (so romantic ha!) Now we can move forward and focus on the kiddies. Max starting school, Ems starting pre school etc. It’s also nice that I have the same surname as the littles, we really feel like a little family now. There’s still so much wedding admin I need to get done. Thank you cards need to be sent out and I need to order photo albums and have our wedding photos printed and framed.

But there’s a reason I’ve been so slack with the ‘wedmin’ and that’s because literally a month after getting married we moved house! The husband (it still feels weird saying that!) always says ‘Rom you can’t sit still for 2 minutes!’ And it’s so true I always need a project. We’ve now been in our new place for little over 2 months and I’m so happy we got it out of the way before Christmas. We’ve moved into a beautiful area we’ve always loved, the schools are amazing and so are the cute little one-off shops in the town centre. The children are settled and we can enjoy our first married Christmas in our new home. Perfect!

Those are the 2 major events that have happened this year but let’s rewind a few months to our littlest 1st birthday. I just can’t believe how fast that first year went. They do say once you have your second the days just flash before your eyes and I suppose that’s because we’re so busy with work, family life and all the other stresses that come into the mix! I now have a 19 month old little girl who runs, talks and fights for what she wants. She’s a little madam at times but also loves a cuddle with her mummy, daddy and sometimes older brother if their not bickering. We’re still breastfeeding which is not my choice but hers and I’m okay with that. We will just go with the flow with that one!

Let’s not forget my biggest baby, he’s just flourished this year. He’s grown into the most amazing, caring little boy. Max is 3 going on 13, has the craziest imagination and zest for life. We recently had his parents evening and they said he is an absolute pleasure to be around and developmentally has come on leaps and bounds. I’m just trying to savour every day with this little guy because a lot is going to change for him and myself in the later part of 2018. School is calling and I just can’t believe it! I’ll be an absolute emotional wreck on his first day and I’m seriously not looking forward to it…

And finally thank you to everyone who has supported my blog and Instagram journey this year. I just can’t believe how far I’ve come with it. I started the year on a little under 2k followers and now have 6,000 of you lovely lot following my life on social media. That’s just mental to me! #whatmamaworemonday probably has a lot to do with that and I’m so happy my idea of this # community is now a thriving reality. I have really enjoyed connecting with so many like-minded mamas and I cannot wait to see where this will go in 2018. I’m going to focus a lot of my energy (besides the kiddies, of course) on growing my blog so watch this space!

I’m now going to sign off for a couple of weeks and enjoy spending time with my family. I’ll of course still be posting on insta because we all know how much of an insta addict I am but the blog will be back bigger than ever for 2018, eeeep! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year, eating lots of food, drinking lots of drink and most of all enjoying the quality time spent with family and loved ones. See you all next year x



  1. 29/12/17 / 1:41 pm

    What a busy year you’ve had. We got married when our eldest two were almost three years old and not quite one. It really mattered to me that we all had the same surname before they started school and were old enough to realise that we didn’t. It’s funny what a difference it makes isn’t it.
    Wishing you a calm and peaceful 2018.

  2. 30/12/17 / 11:57 am

    It’s good you got into your new place before Christmas. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful!
    Sounds like 2017 was super busy for you. Lots of positives. Happy New year for 2018.

  3. 30/12/17 / 6:52 pm

    Ahh how lovely! Your 2017 sounds like my 2012, we moved house, got married and had a baby within two months! I thought our 2013 would be quieter but along came our 4th baby and the following year, our 5th! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas break!

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