REVIEW: Joone Paris Eco Friendly Baby Products

The average baby goes through as many as 4,000 nappies which costs roughly around £400 a year! As parents we need to decide which route is best for us and our babies. Whether that’s cloth or disposable nappies, for ease and convienance we’ve always gone for disposal. Because we consume so many nappies I’ve always tried to use eco-friendly products as much as I can.


Talking about eco-friendly products, let me introduce you to the French brand Joone Paris. They contacted me asking if I wanted to try their nappies and wipes and after doing a little research I almost bit their hands off.

There’s three reasons why I love this brand of nappies.


  • The nappies and wipes are eco-friendly. I’m all about causing minimal damage and saving the environment where possible especially when it comes to nappies. We consume so many it actually makes my eyes water!


  • The patterns on the nappies are to die for! I was sent gold hearts with pink stripes, a gorgeous fox and leaf print perfect for autumn and a Christmas themed penguin in a red scarf with stars. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any baby brand that offers cute designs on nappies in this country so Joone Paris have a huge advantage there!


  • And finally the fit. Emmie is 19 months old and in a size 5 and they fit perfectly. After using them for a couple of days there’s no sign of irritation, nappy rash and her skin is dry when wearing them. As a toddler she runs, walks and is extremely active and these nappies neither hinder her movement and they stay in place.

If you’re after Joone Paris products they are launching their brand new UK site very soon so watch this space. Once we’ve used up our samples I’m definitely going to re purchase I’m that impressed. It’s a thumbs up from this mama!



  1. 18/12/17 / 7:01 am

    I like your beauty Bump, I am interested and want to buy, have you any links for buy? Have yours baby carrier?

  2. 23/01/18 / 10:24 pm

    Thank you for post on Joone Paris Eco Friendly Nappies and adorable images. They sound perfect for people who are trying to be eco-conscious. Sad that they are not available in the US.

    Have you tried any other eco friendly nappies that you would recommend?

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