3 Questions To Help Decide When You Should Have Another Baby


In the few months after having your first baby, having another one is probably the last thing on your mind. After a long pregnancy and a couple of months of sleepless nights, the idea of doing it all over again isn’t that attractive. Once they’re a little older and things have calmed down a bit though, you might start thinking about having a second baby. The thing is, having another kid is expensive and very difficult so you need to make sure that you’ve thought about it properly. There’s never going to be a perfect time to have more kids but you can work out the best time by answering these questions first.



Do You Both Want It?


This sounds like a pretty silly question because you wouldn’t be discussing it at all if you didn’t want another baby, surely? The thing is, a lot of couples start talking about having more kids because it’s the norm to have more than one. When your first child reaches a certain age, you might start discussing the idea of having more because you think that’s what everybody expects of you, but that’s not the right reason to have more babies. Sit down and talk about whether you both actually want more kids.


Can You Afford It?


All of the money that you’re spending on your kid right now is going to be doubled, and then some, if you have another one. You need to work out whether you can actually afford that. You can always borrow a little to cover hospital bills etc. but if you can’t afford to buy all of the extra clothes and food you’ll need, you should think twice. If you’re worried about borrowing money because you’ve got a bad financial history, you can get online loans no credit check required. Just remember, you should only use loans as a short term solution to funding your new baby. The best way to work out if you can afford it is to alter your budget for a few months and see if you can put aside enough to cover the cost of another child, if you can manage it, you’re financially ready for more kids.


Will Your First Child Be Ok?


A new addition to the family is always difficult on your other children. There’s no telling how they’re going to react so you shouldn’t let it affect your decision completely but it definitely needs to be taken into consideration. Speak with them about it and see how they react to gauge whether they’ll handle it or not. You should also think about any other stresses that might be put on them at the same time. For example, if they’re just about to start school, that’s already a difficult time for them so it might be worth waiting a year before adding the extra difficulty of a new sibling to the mix.


Deciding to have another kid is a big step, so make sure that you’ve answered these questions before making any choices.


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