5 Reasons Why Travelling While Pregnant is a Good Idea


You may wonder whether travel is a good idea when you’re expecting a baby, and the answer is that it can be very beneficial in the right circumstances, particularly for your mind.


If you haven’t had any complications in your pregnancy so far and your doctor clears you for travel, then there’s no reason you can’t set off, providing that you feel well enough to do so.


(Want to know how to plan a trip when you’re pregnant? Holidaysafe’s handy guide covers the process from start to finish.)


Here are five reasons why travelling while pregnant is a good idea.


1. You can take a breather


We all need a break from our usual routines every so often, and this is certainly true when you’re pregnant. It’s hard work, especially if you’re still at your job and/or caring for existing children.


A trip of some kind — be it a staycation or a short European beach holiday — is a good way to do this. You won’t be too far from home, but you’ll be a decent enough distance away from the daily grind to really get a proper rest.


2. You can connect with your partner


Travel is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your partner and enjoy each other’s company before your little one makes an appearance.


You may want to focus on your plans for the baby, or you may not want to talk about anything baby-related at all (chances are it’ll be somewhere in the middle). Whatever happens, you’ll appreciate having a few days where it’s just the two of you.


For more information on how to connect with your partner during pregnancy, visit The Bump.


3. You can do something for yourself


Whether you want to take a gentle stroll around your destination of choice or be waited on hand and foot, travel gives you the chance to call the shots and put yourself first.


Want to indulge in a prenatal treatment at a spa? Sit back and enjoy. Want to stay on your sunlounger and do absolutely nothing? Now’s the time. You can’t look after anybody else until you look after yourself, so whatever pampering might be for you, make it your priority.


4. You can see somewhere new


While it’s true that some activities are off-limits when you’re pregnant, there are still destinations out there that you can enjoy exploring. The best way to get to know a new place is to walk around it, so have a wander and see what sights you come across.


Don’t forget to take regular breaks for food, water, and a trip to the toilet. The Huffington Post has plenty of tips for taking care of yourself during travel.


5. You can return home feeling refreshed


Sometimes you can’t really understand something until you take a step back, which is why spending a few days away from home can be relaxing and give us a new sense of perspective. You may well end up returning from your trip feeling ready for whatever parenthood throws at you.


A holiday will do you the world of good if you plan it properly, so book the break you’ve been dreaming of — you deserve it.



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