The Big Day: What to Expect



If you have a wedding come up and you’re starting to get rather nervous – this is totally normal. There are so many questions that’ll be running through your head that you’ll want to be answered. And while you can never really know how exactly your day will pan out – you can have an idea.


Remember though; no day will be the same because it all depends on how you plan the structure of your day. You can either do this by yourself, or with the help off your family and friends, or you can get some professional Luxury Wedding Planners in to take the stress off you and make your dream day become a reality.


Here’s what to be expected.


The morning

If you’ve managed to get any kind of sleep at all, you will wake up with your bridesmaids and start prepping. Depending on where you have planned to have your wedding will determine whether you’re at home, or in a hotel or some sort of resort.


This time will most likely be full of squeals, giggles, and champagne – a lot of it. You’ll have something nice to eat for breakfast that will be sent to your room, and you will usually have a makeup artist and hair stylist arrive to get you ready, along with a photographer to capture any intimate moments. Your partner will be doing the same, but in another area, as you’re not allowed to see one another yet!


Later on

Once you’re all dressed, hair and makeup’s on point, all your bridesmaids are ready, and the guests have arrived – it’s soon time to get married. You may decide on downing your last glass of champagne to calm the nerves, and then it’s time to walk. Your bridesmaids will go first, and then you and whoever you chose to walk you down the aisle will follow. This is the moment you want to embrace. Take in every sensation you’re feeling. Enjoy it. This is your time. Lock eyes with your partner, and soak in the fact that this is the start of your new life together.


Once you have said your vowels, kissed, and are officially married. Next comes the celebration.



Some brides decide to have a costume change, but this isn’t necessary, it just depends on your comfort and personal preference. Now is the time to sit down and enjoy a feast with all the people that love you. People may take it in turns to say a speech – make sure you have tissues nearby! You’ll then cut the cake, finish eating, and have your first dance to your favourite song. Then it’s time to party! Let your hair down, kick your heels off, hitch your dress up, and boogie all night long!


After hours

When you decide it’s time to finish your night, you can go off into the distance together and spend a night full of love and passion, and talking up until the early hours about what an amazing life you’re going to have together… Or something like that…


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