A Tasty Birthday: Planning The Food For Your Special Day


You can guarantee few things in life; however, your birthday will definitely roll around every year, and it’s always fun to commemorate the occasion with a special event, party, or a get-together with your loved ones. Even if you’re not a big fan of the ageing process (and who is?); you can always take the edge off by celebrating another year of being awesome and getting through life. Therefore, it’s always a good time to start thinking about what you want to do for your special day, and start making a list of the things you’ll need to organise; even if you do end up passing the list onto someone else so that they can do all the stressful bits.


If you’re from a family who appreciates their food, or your friendship group often heads out for dinner together, even if that is to one of your houses; what you’re going to eat will be an important element to your birthday party and celebrations. Therefore, it’s worth putting plenty of thought into the edible side of the occasion, and ensuring that everyone leaves feeling full (of both happiness and food). Organising and booking things now in regards to what you’ll be nibbling on will save you no end of hassle the week before the big day. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who are excited for their next birthday and want the food to be integral to the memorable get-together.


Let Them Eat Cake


It’s not really a birthday celebration without cake. Therefore, it’s probably best that you start with the treats you’re going to serve and eat first, especially if you’ll need to source the right one to satiate your guests. Cakes and decorated baked delights are big business; so it’s worth thinking about the sort of size and style you want now so that you can put your order in as soon as possible. You don’t want to end up in the supermarket the night before, picking up something that a lot of people have commemorated their birthday with. For family and friends who don’t have a sweet tooth, or if you favour something a bit different; you could look into cheese cakes and surprise your guests with some tiers of the delicious, after dinner indulgence. Stock up on some tasty crackers and an assortment of chutneys too, and your guests can tuck in without getting a sugar-induced headache.


Something Of Substance


Once you have the cake (or pièce de résistance) sorted out; you can start planning what people will be eating throughout the special occasion. You might need to book a table at your favourite restaurant early. Especially if you have a large number of guests attending; the same goes for anywhere new that you’ve heard great things about. If you do plan to eat in a restaurant; make sure you been to try the cuisine there first so that you can ensure the food on the day will be to your liking and that they can cater for any allergies or diets that people may have. It’s your birthday, but you’ll want to make sure that all of your guests have a great time. If you want to keep the celebrating in your home so that kids and babies can come along; it’s worth thinking about caterers that can provide you with delicious options and ensure that all the mess is cleared up without you lifting a finger. Whatever you decide to do; the key is to try before you invest in anyone or anything; this will provide you with plenty of fun throughout the process too! Yum.


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