Inventive Ways to Save Money for your Wedding Day


Saving money when the big day is fast approaching can seem like an impossible task. It may feel as though every other day, there is something new that comes up for you to pay for and on top of that, you still don’t fully know who is coming and what meal options to have. Either way, if you feel as though you are in a bad situation and you need to save money then there are one or two things that you can do about this.


The Meal


When the time does come for you to plan the sit-down meal, you may be thinking that chicken and fish are the best options. The truth is that this is not the case at all. You don’t have to have a sit-down meal and it is more than possible for you to save money by having a hog roast. You can have everyone congregate in the same area and you can even present the hog so that it gives a magical experience as well. You could have the hog in baps, with cheesy smashed potatoes or even with various side dishes. If you are having your wedding in summer then your guests will love it and it is a great way for you to really make the whole day special. You could save thousands by doing this! If you want to do something a little bit different then you could have a huge BBQ or you could even hire someone to take care of the catering for you at another venue. You could have a pop-up potato bar or food that is easy for the guests to enjoy with a beer. This will really help to make the whole thing much more relaxed.



DIY is the Way to Go


A lot of people choose to make their own DIY wedding invitations. When you do this, you can customise them in any way that you want and you can even make them personal to every person who you are going to give them to as well. When you do create your own invitations, remember that you are going to have to create a lot of them and this could be time-consuming. For this reason, you’ll want to get this done in advance so that you can spend more time planning your big day. You can send out your invitations months in advance as well and when you do this you can give your guests plenty of time to get their transportation sorted out.



Fake the Cake!


Tiered cakes are SO expensive. Fondant cakes will also cost you a ton of money as well, the problem is that you probably want to have a cake on your wedding day and this is completely understandable. If you want to save money then consider having a cardboard structure that looks like a cake, with a very small cake on top. This way you can still cut the cake, have your photos and it looks real to everyone else. You don’t even have to have a wedding cake at all, and some people have even been known to serve cookies or even cupcakes to their guests. You could even save the money on the cake by having a different dessert. Lemon meringue pie is very affordable to make and you can even make them yourself with the help of a family member. This is a brilliant way for you to save money and it makes the whole thing much more special as well.



Fancy Beverages are Not Required


You don’t need to serve cocktails to everyone who comes to the wedding and you don’t need to provide each person with their own beverage. One way to make things cheaper here would be for you to get a keg and pour everyone a beer fresh from the tap, or you could even try and serve a glass of wine to everyone instead. When you do this, you will be buying a lot of wine in bulk and this is one of the best ways for you to save money. A lot of wineries or even alcohol providers would be willing to give you a discount when buying in bulk so there is always the chance for you to get even more money saved by doing this. It also helps to talk with your guests to see what they would like as well because there is no point in going overboard if people don’t actually want what you are going to provide.



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    Tasty and delicious cake. Food is important part of your wedding day.

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