Reasons to Choose a TV Bed

A TV Bed is a regular divan bed but with the ability to host a TV, which is neatly tucked away into the footer of the frame. With a press of a button, out it comes for viewing. They really are a fab piece of equipment and a must have in my opinion. The average person spends 4 hours watching TV and very little time in bed. Why not mix the two together!


Here’s my reasons to choose a tv bed.


Space saving

Living in London means my house and general living space is very limited especially in the bedrooms. I love having a TV in the bedroom (in most rooms really!) especially if the husband is watching football in the living room! I loved the idea of having a TV bed because it means I can lay down and relax with one of my favourite series. I also love that the whole entire family and enjoy the TV even if it does get a few mucky hand prints from the little ones. Also most TVs these days come with internet capabilities which also means there’s no need for a computer as the TV does the lot for you.


Ease and comfort


This brings me nicely onto ease and comfort. Theres nothing better than laying down in bed and with a click of a button your TV comes up for viewing. Having the TV at the foot of the bed instead of at weird angle on top of a high chest of drawers (which we used to do) means there’s no need to strain our necks anymore. We can relax back and enjoy whats on the TV in comfort, making the bedroom my little sanctuary.


They look super stylish


..and modern. So if your home is modern looking then you need one. The TV beds on offer are extensive from Ottoman style to adjustable bases to fabric and leather materials. Some even have media trays to store the sky box etc.





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