The Baby On The Way To Do List


If you If you weren’t one of those list-making types before, then you need to start getting into the habit because, when baby-brain strikes, it strikes with a vengeance. However, leaving this habit until after your little buba is born isn’t the best idea and, well, that’s because there are plenty of things we recommend you do before that big day is due to arrive. Yeah, we’re talking about a baby-on-the-way list.


Trust us, you’ll find this super-duper helpful, not just because it will help you stay busy while your bump gets bigger, but because it will help you have things sorted for when the birth happens, as well as a list of things that you need to do afterwards. Basically, you will be wondering why you were never a list person before. You’ll be transformed.


Anyway, in case you hadn’t cottoned on just yet, there is a whole bunch of stuff to do before giving birth and so, to help you, we’ve come up with the ultimate to-do list that will help pace you, prepare you and just make your entire experience that much more enjoyable.


1. The Perfect Announcement


You may not be in the kind of position where the whole world is waiting on your baby news (like with Kylie Jenner), but there are people in your little world that will be over the moon to find out you have a newborn on the horizon. Sure, some of these people may live nearby, but a lot of your friends and family may live a long, long way away and that is why you should think about your birth announcement. If you want some amazing ideas, then there is nowhere better to head than the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Cute, funny, sweet, amazing – there are ideas for every occasion.


2. Waterproof Your Bed


This one is about as far from glamorous as possible, but you may want to get a waterproof bed pad for your boudoir just in case, you know, your waters break while you’re laying horizontal. No, this is not an essential, but it is a nice-to-know piece of advice if you love your mattress and don’t want to see it get ruined in the latter stages of your pregnancy. Now, you may not need to use it. You may find your waters don’t break until you are in the hospital. But doesn’t it make sense to be safe rather than sorry?


3. Pack That Hospital Bag


Earlier than seems humanly possible, a doctor will give you a due date, and that becomes lodged in your mind. You start thinking, “5th September, that’s when we’re having a baby, cool.” But less than 5% of babies are actually born on their due date. That means, you don’t actually know when your buba may arrive, and that is why you need to have your hospital bags packed and ready by the door. Oh, and when we say ‘bags’, we’re talking about a bag for you, a bag for baby and, if you’re feeling generous, a bag for your man too.


4. You’ve Got Laundry


Once again, you’re not going to find this filed under the ‘essentials’ section, but we recommend washing all of your little bump’s clothes before they arrive. You just don’t know whether they are going to have sensitive skin or anything like that, which is where washing their everything in some non-bio detergent comes in. Wash them, fold them and put them all away. Now, this may sound like a chore on paper but, in reality, this is one of the most amazing days. It is seeing what you have, seeing how tiny the clothes are and putting them away in their room all ready for their arrival. It’s soooo sweet.


5. Know You Leave


Once your baby has arrived, you don’t want to be worrying about your leave, or how long you have or what you are getting paid or anything like that, which is why it is well-worth knowing what you get as early as possible. A great way to find this out is to ask your employer or speak to the HR department. However, if you want to make sure everything they say is right, you should definitely read the Peninsulas employee maternity leave guide, which has everything you need to know about maternity leave, paternity leave, shared leave and adoption leave. The sooner you know where you stand and what you’ll be getting, the more you will be able to plan (read: relax).


6. Time For Bra Shopping


If you are going to try and breastfeed you buba when they arrive, then you’ll want to pop to the shops and get yourself a nursing bra or three. This is partly because you aren’t meant to wear underwire bras until you’ve done three months feeding, but mainly because it is just so much comfier to wear these specialty bras. It’s comfier to sleep and it’s so much less hassle to have a bra that clips and unclips when you have a screaming baby that has just redefined what hangry means. Of course, you could wait until after your baby is born to go out and grab some of these lifesavers, but it is so nice to have one of these in your baby bag and ready to use when you’re in the hospital.


7. Take Some Classes


There are so many classes out there designed to educate expectant parents, by which we mean lessen the nerves. Most of the times, these take place at local hospitals, but you could find there are other ones in your community, so just find out what’s about and what’s suit you and your lifestyle. They are so worth doing, though, not just because they will help you better prepare but because you will get to meet other expectant parents, understand that your concerns aren’t isolated and even get questions you never thought to ask answered. It’s about being part of a support group that you bond with during the bump months and then keep in the post-baby years. It’s lovely.


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