My Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Car

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Two years ago we were on the hunt for the perfect family car. With a toddler, a baby on the way it was time to upgrade our small 3 door car for something a little bit Moore family friendly. The whole process of finding a car is extremely long and challenging but I’m here to tell you my top tips for finding the perfect car.

Here’s my breakdown..

My first tip is to do your research. Through the years of car buying (I’ve had my license for over 10 years now, which makes me feel super old!) you need to know the facts about car makes, models and price of your car. has always been my first stop for learning all about my next big car purchase. There’s a huge selection of reviews, including video reviews which I found super informative. What I find really useful though is all reviews are honest and you’ll see positive and negative reviews. Making the right car purchase means reading bad and the good reviews to give you a real sense of what’s out there on the market. is always my first stop before heading out to dealerships.

Speaking about dealerships. Make sure you visit a wide range of dealerships, don’t just stick to the one. Each dealership will sell cars at different prices. Visiting different dealerships will give you a better understanding of what you should be paying which will result in you getting the right price.

All the research you’ve done before visiting the dealership will now come in handing when out and about getting car quotes etc. Coming across as educated to a car sales person will most likely result in getting a good deal. Car sales people can take advantage, so it’s important to show them you know your stuff. Your research will help you understand the true value of the car you’re after and help you negotiate the price too.

My last tip is to find the car that suits the needs of your life. There are tons of cars out there on the market so it’s all about finding the best features for you. Take your time, don’t rush into a sale, do your research and go on lots of test drives. This will result in your paying the right price and finding the perfect car.

So those are my top tips for finding the perfect car, I hope you have found this useful. Purchasing your car doesn’t have to be stressful, make it a fun experience by taking your time, talking with family and friends and doing your research. This will help you save thousands of pounds and hopefully give you that purchase satisfaction we’re all after when making big purchases like buying a car.

Do you have any other tips you would like to share?


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