5 Rules For Finding The Right Wedding Caterer For You


If you’re lucky your wedding caterer is included in your venue wedding package. If you need to find one then you need to follow these 5 rules of finding the perfect wedding caterer for you and your future partner. The caterer is probably one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your big day so you have to get it right.


Here are my 5 Rules;


Figure out how much you have to spend before even approaching caterers. Making sure you know your budget for food and drink will help you whittle down which companies to contact in the first place. This saves time for everyone involved. The budget also allowed the caterers to pull together a quote that is realistic from seat down meals to buffet style.


Get multiple quotes. It can be tempting to settle on the first quote you have for ease and convienanceĀ but you won’t save money this way. It’s the couples job to tell the caterer how many guests are coming, what style of wedding you’re having and it’s the caterers job to tell you the number of starters, mains, desserts you need. Let’s not forget alcohol. Make sure you really review the cost on alcohol, would it be cheaper sticking with a caterer or getting your own drinks in.


If you’re venue doesn’t do linens and dinnerware ask your caterers. Most of them do or can point you in the right direction of a company that does. Although if you can have the one company doing it all, it will make life so much easier.


Read reviews. Before you sign on the dotted line, go and read some reviews online or talk to previous clients. You will find out information on the quality of their waiting staff and if other couples enjoyed their services.


and finally sign the contract and choose your menu! Making sure you have the proposal all confirmed and ready to go. If you’re after a wedding caterer in Sydney definitely have a look at this company.


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