Varicose Vein Treatment: My Tips For Varicose Vein Prevention In Pregnancy


Varicose Vein Treatment and Prevention


Pregnancy should be a time of excitement and joy however there are some side effects that can cause a little pain or appearance that isn’t welcome. Varicose veins for example are one of the many side effects women suffer with when pregnant. You may think Varicose veins are for older ladies however they are unfortunately common in pregnancy. You may not be able to eliminate this side effect completely but there are varicose vein treatments and prevention techniques available.


Many factors can cause the on set of varicose veins for example weight gain and an increase in blood volume. This combination of weight gain and increased blood volume puts additional pressure on the veins in your legs. Try keeping your weight gain within the normal recommendations of 35 pounds or less during pregnancy.


You can also take the following steps to prevent varicose veins.


Try not to stand in one place for too long. What standing does is cause blood to pool in your legs. This then increases the volume of blood which will cause dilating veins. If you have to stand shift your weight from one side to another also moving backwards and forwards. Try to move your body in different ways to get the blood flowing.


Sitting with your legs or ankles crossed can also effect your blood circulation making it slow, trapping more blood in your lower body. Try moving your legs in different positions avoiding sitting in the same position for too long.


When sitting try elevating your feet and legs as often as possible. This will decrease the blood flow from your legs back to your heart. Whilst you’re sitting there, ask your partner to give you a gentle massage on your legs. This will ease any discomfort you may be experiencing, also helping your blood flow.


Wear compression socks. These socks are the perfect varicose vein treatment. It again stops the blood from pooling in your legs. Compression socks will add more force at the ankles and lessen pressure as you move up the leg. This will keep blood moving up and out of your legs. Compression socks come in various different sizes and strengths so speak to your doctor before ordering them. Make sure you pop your socks on first thing in the morning to increase the effectiveness. I would personally wear compression socks from the moment I find out I’m pregnant.


I just want to add even if you stick to the above prevention tips religiously those pesky veins can still make an appearance. In most instances the veins are temporary and will disappear a few months after you have delivered your baby. If they do disappear that’s amazing! If they don’t then please don’t worry as there are various different varicose vein treatments out there that can help.



If you experience any problems please do speak to your doctor or midwife.




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  1. 22/12/18 / 5:45 am

    Thanks for the tips, also drinking a good amount of water can also help in preventing the varicose veins and losing weight too.

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