How To Decorate A Nursery On A Budget



How to decorate a nursery on a budget


You want the best for your baby, and this can lead to parents feeling under pressure to spend a fortune on producing the ideal designer nursery. Yes, you want to create a beautiful room for your precious one, but you shouldn’t forget that this room is likely to be redecorated within a year or two when your child is well into the toddler stage.


And with all of the other expenses that come with looking after a newborn, you don’t want to blow the budget on a single room. Fortunately, there are ways to create that beautiful nursery without spending money you don’t have. Here are some top tips for nursery décor.


Don’t spend too much on the crib


The crib is the centrepiece of the nursery and you may be tempted to go down the route of a designer crib. However, before you decide to spend hundreds on a crib, check out the alternatives. You will find plenty of low-cost cribs that are just as attractive and robust as the top of the market models. A particularly savvy option is a three-in-one crib that can be transformed into a bed for a toddler later on.


Keep your crib bedding minimal


It is so tempting to splurge on pillows, cushions and plush toys to pile up on your baby’s crib, but it really isn’t necessary. One or two luxury pillows and soft toys are all that you need, and when it comes to choosing bedding, go for pretty patterns and minimal styling.

Animal prints


Cuteness is high on the list of qualities you want to embody in your nursery design, and few things are cuter than animal prints. You should be able to find a range of animal prints of all shapes and sizes, and buying a set rather than picking them up individually is best for a cost-effective and cohesive look.


Storage shelves


If there isn’t a lot of storage space in the nursery, this can be easily solved. Just look out for simple shelves and attractive baskets, all of which can be picked up cheaply and will give you storage options for those toys and books.




Curtains can look a little old fashioned and require regular cleaning. One alternative is to opt for clean, easy-to-maintain shutters such as those from DIY Shutters, that will offer cooling shade when required and will look unobtrusive in the nursery, helping to focus attention on the rest of the room.


Put that dresser to use


If you’ve got a dresser that you aren’t using, you can employ it in your nursery as a changing station. If you haven’t got anything suitable, you should be able to find cheap or refurbished items online. Just add a removable changing tray and voila!


Be bold with paint


Often all that is required to make a nursery distinctive is a little imagination and daring. Add a bold geometric design or paint the walls and window frames in contrasting bright colours. It’s a handy way to create a unique fun effect without spending a fortune.


Decorating your baby’s nursery should be about letting your imagination flow and creating a warm, loving space, not spending a fortune. By following the tips above, you can create a beautiful nursery tailored to your baby without breaking your budget.


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