Dress To Impress

Sometimes, you just have those occasions where you need to go all out, and fashion is at the heart of that. It could be your first date, a company meeting, a company outing, a family outing… the list really could go on. When you’re trying to dress to impress, there are a few things that you need to consider. One, what is the occasion you’re dressing for? And two, are you going to be too dressy. As a girl, there is no greater worry than wondering whether the outfit of choice is going to be too dressy! But, you also don’t want to go too casual, or you’ll run the risk of not impressing at all. So, let’s see if we can help you dress to impress, no matter what your reason is!



What’s Your Occasion?


This really is a big factor, because there’s sooo many different ways that you can dress to impress, but it all depends on who your audience is. If you’re going on a date, think about bodycon dresses, or a style that shows off your figure. Whilst we’re not saying that you should be getting every part of your body out, we are saying you should show off the best parts of your body to make yourself feel good. However, if you’re going to a works meal or do, you should definitely look at cocktail dresses. They’re more elegant and sophisticated, comfy to wear, and more geared up for a party. They look a lot more professional as well, so you definitely will be pleasing the guests that you’re in front of, and your work colleagues. Always go for heels, it looks a lot smarter than going with flats or trainers, and it helps to make your legs look longer and more sleek!


What Not To Wear


So, it all really does depend on the type of event or date you’re going on, but as a rule of thumb, there are some things that you really shouldn’t wear if you want to impress. The first is something really casual, such as leggings. Black skinny jeans are ok, because you can couple it with a nice blouse and some boots, and you’ll still look sophisticated. Going down to leggings however just seems too casual, and it’s not going to impress so much. We also don’t recommend that you wear trainers. Again, it just takes it down a notch, and you won’t really be impressing people much with your worn out trainers!


The Finishing Touches


The finishing touches to your outfit are sometimes the best. Think of things such as accessories, makeup, and your hair. Take some time to make yourself feel beautiful, and we guarantee you’ll impress at least one person, and that’s yourself. Sometimes, you shouldn’t care what other people are thinking, only whether you’re happy with your own appearance. Try curling your hair rather than having it straight as well. It makes you look that little bit more sophisticated and classy, and it’s bound to impress your guests.


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