4 Hacks To Instantly Jazz Up Your Gifts

Have you ever thought of a really good gift idea for someone, only to feel like it doesn’t seem like much of a gift? You know what I mean, the present itself is a good one, it just might be a bit small, or you can’t quite present it in a way that makes it look impressive.


In scenarios like these, you often feel as though you should buy some extra gifts to make the whole package seem more significant and more worthwhile. Instead, you should take a look at these hacks to instantly jazz up your gifts and make them seem a lot more impressive:

Get Them Professionally Wrapped

Around Christmas time, you will often find places in shopping centers that provide gift wrapping services. Well, you can apply this same idea to any gifts you give throughout the year. I know sites like Amazon have a gift wrap option, or you can find someone to do it for you. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes when your gifts are nicely wrapped – they’ll have a massive impact on the recipient.

Use Mason Jars

Mason jars are really quaint and intriguing jars that you can use for so many different gifts. Essentially, all you’ll be doing is using them as a container to put your gifts in. But, they’re a very pretty container that makes the smallest of gifts seem way more powerful and gorgeous. There are loads of thoughtful Mason jar gift ideas around, with some of the most popular ones including using them to store sweets or chocolates in. This is a brilliant idea if you’re getting sweets as a gift for a child or family member and want it to look better than just wrapping up the packets.


Put Things In Gift Bags

Another really easy hack you can use is to put your gifts in gift bags. Everyone loves receiving something in a bag, it just makes it feel more special and thoughtful! No matter the size of your gift, you can find a bag in a similar size to suit it. Also, this is great if you don’t have time to get them wrapped as you can seal off the bag to keep that element of surprise intact.

Always Include A Card

No matter what gift you’ve bought or who it’s for, you should always include a card along with it. This is a sneaky way to beef up the present and make it feel like you’ve given more than you actually have. To take things to another level, get the card from somewhere like Etsy or a more independent shop, just so it’s more unique. Now, if you seriously want to make a good impression, then try and find some way of getting their name written on the card envelope in fancy scripture. It’ll make it look amazing, and they’ll be so impressed.


There you have it; four different hacks to instantly jazz up the gifts you give. Now, you can make all of your gifts appear far better without needing to go out and buy loads of extra presents.



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