How to look stylish whilst working out


How to look stylish while working out Although our main focus when we work out is exercise, looking stylish at the gym, on the running track or in your yoga class can be motivational, pushing you to do your best.


While it’s tempting to grab any old thing, chances are you’ll enjoy your workout more if you make an effort in all areas — clothing included.


Here’s your guide to looking stylish when you work out, whether you’re a gym newbie or a committed exercise lover.



1. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in

If you feel awkward, you won’t look your best no matter how stylish your workout gear is. So make comfort your number one priority and you’ve already won half the battle. No one wants to be pulling at their clothes while they work out — wear what makes you feel good and it’ll give you a confidence boost.


Top tip

If you’re self-conscious about your figure, look for workout clothes with control features. They’ll give you a smooth silhouette.



2. Get a supportive sports bra

Wearing the wrong size sports bra can lead to poor posture, not to mention pain in your back, neck and chest. Get measured by a reputable fitter (most department stores offer a free service) and then find a bra which offers the right amount of support for you.


What to do when you look for a sports bra:

• Decide if you want a shelf style or cups. Shelf styles are good for smaller sizes and low-impact workouts such as yoga, while moulded cups are better for larger sizes and high-impact workouts.

• Decide if you want a racerback style or traditional shoulder straps. Racerback styles keep the bra close to your body, while straps can be adjusted.

• Decide if you want a pullover style or a clasp. Pullover styles offer more coverage, while clasps allow you to adjust the band, which gives more support to larger cup sizes.



3. Choose breathable materials

The best workout clothes are made from materials that draw the sweat away from your body and move it to the surface. This is known as wicking. Materials to look for include polyester, lycra, and spandex. Make sure your workout clothes are light, breathable, and don’t chafe against your skin. You should be able to move freely, no matter what kind of workout you prefer.



4. Mix it up with colours and prints

It’s tempting to stick to classic colours like black, but sometimes we need a little more motivation to get exercising, and it’s amazing what bright colours or interesting prints can do. Some people worry that colours and patterns could draw attention to areas they’re not so confident about. If that sounds like you, stick to darker colours for those areas and save the brights for the body parts you do like.



5. Don’t forget about make-up and hair

Some people prefer not to wear any make-up. Others feel happier if they have a little something to help them feel polished. If you’re not quite ready to go bare-faced, try waterproof mascara, brow gel, and a light mineral foundation. Finish the look with a slick of tinted lip balm.


Remember: If you’re exercising outside, you’ll need an SPF. Pick a non-comedogenic product that won’t block your pores.


As for your hair, the number one rule is to keep it away from your face. Try a sleek ponytail or a top knot for something fuss-free, or you could braid longer hair if you like your hairstyles to be more elaborate.


How do you like to dress when you work out? Let me know in the comments!



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