Our Family Dinner at Pho

We were recently offered the opportunity to go and have a family friendly meal at Pho Restaurants. We chose Kingston upon Thames as it is close to home and conveniently located right by the market square which is one of our favourite places in Kingston. There are also plenty of other restaurants across the country to choose from too.


Pho has never been on my raider for a family dinner destination. Emmie is incredibly fussy and Max can be at times too so we always stick to what we know. We definitely need to get better at offering different cuisines to the kids so we can get their taste buds used to different foods!


We booked our reservation for 6pm and got into Kingston a couple of hours early for a little mooch around before dinner. Once the kiddies had built up a hunger we decided to head to Pho. On first impressions we were really impressed with the lovely decor and friendly welcome as we entered.



The kids were quickly entertained with the crayons and activity sheets which left us to mull over the menu. Freddie and I were so impressed with the kiddies menu. The food options sounded scrumptious and so did the adults menu, we wanted to try everything! We were offered prawn crackers with a delicious sweet and sour sauce, demolished so quickly Freddie and I were left wondering where the crackers had all gone. The crackers were a firm favourite of Max and Emmie’s.


The atmosphere of the restaurant was laid back with music that made you want to gig in your seat, it felt like it was a place you could bring your children and not worry if one kicked up a fuss or decided to throw a massive tantrum. We felt incredibly comfortable and strangely at home!



Right so lets talk food the most important bit right? For starters all four of us tried the CÁNH GÀ seasoned crispy chicken wings served with sriracha, they were finger licking good! If you think the wings went down a treat the husband loved the BÒ LÁ LỐT which is beef wrapped in betal leaves, served with rice vermicelli sheets and nuoc cham. I’ve never seen him eat so fast!



Now for mains.. Max chose the wok fried rice with chicken and obviously whatever Max wanted Emmie decided she wanted. In hindsight I’m kicking myself we didn’t order the homemade pork balls because they looked delicious and I know for a fact they would have gone down a treat. Never mind there’s always next time! As you can see from the photos both the little ones throughly enjoyed their mains, I had to tell Max to slow down at one point ha!


I chose a wonderful chicken curry with rice that had this wonderful little kick of spice to it. It wasn’t too spicy just the right amount of spice. The curey was extremely  fragrant and absolutely mouth-watering. Freddie went with Bun Chicken which is rice noodles, lemongrass and a chilli wok fried topping, yum!



We were so happy with our overall experience at Pho, the staff were exceptional, Agnes the store manager was incredible and so so lovely! The food hit all of the right places and the children left with their bellies full. We will for sure be back and Pho is now a destination on our list of restaurants we will take the kiddies in the future.


Thank you so much for having us Pho, Kingston!



*we were kindly gifted this meal in exchange for an honest review


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