Creative Ideas to Present Birthday Gifts


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Birthdays are a time for celebration and regardless of age, we all take joy in helping a friend or family member celebrate another year, yet for many, simply handing the recipient their gift no longer holds much attraction. The way you present a gift has an impact on how it is received, and with that in mind, here are some novel ideas to help you wow the recipient on their birthday.


Hide The Gift


Surprise is always a great way to ensure your gift is warmly received, and making sure the recipient will eventually come across the gift, they will have a pleasant surprise. Slipping some silver hoop earrings you can get from Silver by Mail into her daily organiser, will do the trick, or you could slip the small package into her handbag, if an opportunity presents itself.


The Dummy Gift


This is a great way to present a gift, and aside from the real gift, you will need a cheap item that will be used as a decoy. It could be a toothbrush or a cooking book, something that could just about be classed as a suitable gift (only just) and when the recipient pretends to like the gift, resist the temptation to bring out the real gift, at least for a couple of hours. You want the recipient to think that this is, in fact, your gift, and when you see a little disappointment in their expression, don’t worry, the happiness level will soon be restored when she finally realises what you are up to! 


There are a few more innovative ways to present a birthday gift, which would benefit everyone.



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Misleading Packaging


If you plan to buy your partner some silver jewellery, why not enclose the item in a large box? You could go one step further and insert the jewellery into a pair of socks, which is guaranteed to raise a smile. Playing “pass the parcel” by wrapping the gift many times is also an exciting way to present a birthday gift, as it extends that feeling of apprehension, as does covering the gift in foam, which prevents her from feeling her way to an answer.


Have The Gift Delivered


The perfect way to use this is to present her with a dummy gift and arrange for the real gift to be delivered just after that. A good friend would be the ideal person to arrive on the scene, and they can present the gift in a “by the way” manner. You could always pretend you completely forgot it was her birthday, if you can live through the expected response, that is.


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The above are just a few ways to surprise someone with a birthday gift, and with a little planning and some careful execution, you can achieve the desired level of surprise. If jewellery is the gift of choice, buying from an online jeweller is really convenient, and with a secure online payment, you can have the gift delivered to either you or the recipient.


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