5 Things I Do To Feel Organised In January


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As soon as Christmas is out of the way I am all for getting the house back into tip top shape. That means packing away the decorations, hoovering under inside sofas, putting curtains in the wash you name it. I go a little bit cleaning crazy! I go room by room and take my time making sure I’ve done a thorough job. A lot of the supermarkets do fantastic offers on cleaning products this time of year so stock up and get scrubbing. Another thing I like to do is give my wardrobe a good clear out, packing away any stray summer clothes, creating charity piles, friends piles. I take everything out of my wardrobe and then go back and fill it.


Get inside those cupboards

This brings me nicely onto getting inside those cupboards. I never feel organised or satisfied if on the surface my house looks nice and clean when in reality the cupboards are bursting at the seams and I have no idea where anything is. I also love sorting the fridge/freezer out, giving the fridge a deep clean getting rid of old sauces, rogue vegetables etc and defrosting the freezing lets not forget about defrosting the freezer. The feeling I get afterwards is next to none, ha!


Clean and tidy your digital life

Now this means getting on my laptop organising my desktop, putting photos onto my external hard drive and printing photos. I also give my iPhone a digital clear out keeping the photos I want on my phone and then popping all the other photos onto my external hard drive. I will also check for system updates and make sure all my programmes are up to date and running well on every digital device in my house.


Pop your diffuser on or burn candles

The minute I’m done with any sort of cleaning, tidying and organising I always make myself a cuppa and light all my candles around the house including my Neom Pod diffuser. There’s nothing better than a clean house that smells delicious after a good old cleaning session.


Get a weekly planner

Can you believe we’ve only just got ourselves a family weekly planner?! I’m not sure how we survived before to be honest. It’s placed on the kitchen counter directly opposite our spot for making cups of teas and coffee so we never miss it. Myself and Freddie both add any events that are happening on whichever day. This has been vital for our household insuring that everyone is aware of what is going on each week. It’s also helped so much since Max started school because we all know they have better social lives than us!


What would your top tips be for an organised life?




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