Different Ways To Digitally Declutter

The word declutter has been going around my home a lot lately, we seemed to have accumulated so much ‘stuff’ over the course of 2018 and we honestly just don’t need it all. It’s one of my top goals in 2019 to adopt a more minimalistic home and lifestyle and so my first stop is all things digital. It might not physically be in front of me but we seem to forget that our digital life needs admin days too. This includes my iPhone, laptop, external hard drive, SD cards and even my social media. Here is my run down for digital decluttering.


  • Spend 15 minutes per day going through your camera roll and delete unnecessary screenshots (that includes those hilarious memes), blurry photos etc Doing this a bit each day will be less of a daunting task, especially if you’re anything like me and have over 20,000 photos!
  • Group photos together in albums
  • If you’re running out of storage back up your photos and remove them from your camera roll
  • Delete the apps you no longer use
  • Group apps together into categories – Shopping, Bills, Games, Social media etc
  • Go through your text messages and delete the ones you no longer need – keeping every text message on your phone will eat up your storage!
  • The same goes for your emails – unsubscribe on all the mailing lists you have little to zero care about, create folders and group emails together.
  • Update your apps and your iPhone – stop hitting ‘remind me later’ on your phone!

Social Media

  • Turn those pesky notifications off. I used to have every notification turned on and every time my phone would light up it would draw me over to my phone for a good old scroll. Now all notifications are turned off and I reach for my phone a lot less.
  • Go through photos on Facebook and Instagram and get rid of the ones you’re just not into anymore. Archive photos on Instagram if you don’t fancy deleting them.
  • Go through your friends list and remove the people who you haven’t spoken to in years and the ones who are no longer active. This will free up your news feed and you will actually see the people you want to see.

Laptop/External Hard driveĀ 

  • Clean your desktop. Get rid of those untitled folders, empty your recycling bin.
  • Stop putting off updating your laptop and click that ‘update now’ button.
  • Get onto your web browser and delete the bookmarks you no longer need along with your search history, if you’re feeling brave.
  • Organise your external hard drive by putting photos into groups, years etc

So there you have it my one stop shop for digitally decluttering. What ways do you digitally declutter?


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