How To Pick A Reliable Gardener


There’s nothing better than a well maintained garden in the spring, summer and autumn months. If you’re not really into gardening or have the time to get your green fingers on then maybe you need to think about hiring a gardener. Picking a reliable gardener can be extremely tricky and so I have narrowed down ways to find that perfect gardener who can help keep those bushes trimmed and those plant boxes nice and fresh so you don’t have to.

Ways to find your gardener

Ask a friend or neighbour for a recommendation – this is probably the most reliable way to find one as we usually trust our family and friends when it comes to recommendations.

Keeping your eyes peeled in your area for a branded company van – again another reliable way of finding a gardener.

Head online to find a gardener, they may even be able to give you gardening quotes there and then.

Ways to find your gardener online

The obvious one would be to use a search engine and try to find your gardener that way.

Make sure the gardening website looks professional and it is up to date. A reliable gardener will have their previous work up on show.

Try and find reviews online of that specific company.

Request a home visit for a quote this way you can suss out the company and see if they will be a right fit.

Questions to ask your gardener

How long have you worked as a gardener?

What happens if I am not satisfied with the work carried out?

How did you become a gardener? Have you had any training in gardening?

I hope the above tips and tricks have helped you on your quest to find a gardener! What are your tips to finding a reliable gardener?


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