Choosing a New Boiler for Your Central Heating

A boiler is one of the most important aspects of your home so choosing the right one is imperative to a successful running home. When choosing your boiler the base standard is a condensing boiler. A condensing boiler takes the heat that would normally be lost and recycles it back through the system, reheating water and reduces the amount of fuel needed to run your heating and hot water.

Condensing boilers come in different variations.

  • System boiler – this type of boiler is ideal for homes with 1 or more bathrooms.
  • Combi boiler – all your heating and hot water is provided by one very compact and efficient boiler. You can compare combi boiler prices online.
  • Heat only boiler – This set up usually comprises of 2 water tanks 1 storage tank 1 feed and expansion tank. This is an open vented system.

Can I replace an existing boiler with a new one?

This will depend on the age of your existing heating system. Talk to your chosen engineer and see what they suggest in terms of the best system for you and your house and the best level of efficiency. You can then look at your central heating quotes and reduce your bill.

Where should my new boiler go?

It’s cheaper and easier to replace your old boiler with your new one in the same spot. If this doesn’t work then speak to your engineer about different possibilities.

When deciding on a new location for your boiler make sure it is –

  • close to the most used taps
  • consider your neighbours nearby
  • noise created by your boiler
  • freezing of condensed pipes
  • will the installation get cold

What size boiler will I need?

It is so important you choose the right size boiler. This will ensure you’re not paying for an overpowering unit which will cost a fortune to run.

Boiler safety

Any work that is carried out on your boiler has to be Gas Safety Registered – this is the law! Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and tasteless so a carbon monoxide alarm is essential in your home.

I hope the above tips have helped just remember to buy a recognised brand and shop around for the best deals.


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