Decorate Your House with New Curtains

Curtains in the home can definitely make any room come to life and are just important as the furniture you choose. There are so many different varieties of curtains to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming but fear not I am here to help. Give your room a new look by getting off the shelf curtains from Yorkshire Linen

Eyelet Curtains

This is the most common and popular design of curtain for its simplicity and casual style. Eyelet curtains are fab for light/medium weight fabric and are easy to open and close. They are mostly inexpensive and widely available.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are translucent, offer very little privacy and filter light. The view from the outside is usually blocked but this type of curtain doesn’t obstruct the view from the inside out. If you need a curtain that doesn’t block light this is not for you but it can look very pretty.

Pinch Pleated Drapes

Is another common type of curtain used by many. It is made up of a row of equally spaced single, double, or triple pleats that are pinched in the centre.

Pelmets and Valances

Decorative framework mostly used to hide the curtain rail. Pelmets can easily be shaped to add a more decorative feel to your room. Valances are softer with gathered or pleated heading. This type of curtain is mainly used in bedrooms, drawing rooms, restaurants and living rooms.

Window Scarf

This is a long piece fabric that is draped over a pole and used along with a drapery. It creates a soft frame around your window but it will not block out a lot of sun and it is great for a window that needs more insulation.

Tap Top Curtains

This is a curtain with loops at the top edge. They can be quite tricky to draw so are mostly used on windows that are not opened on a regular basis.

Furnishing your home with curtains can really spice up a room. There’s so many different materials, colours, patterns to choose – from stripes to florals. Curtains can also be quite expensive so make sure you choose the most suitable curtain for your specific needs.



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