How to Find the Best Window Company

Finding a window company to replace and install new windows is something you should definitely take your time over. Windows are expensive and an investment you want to perform, last and keep on giving through the years. Trying to find the best company for your double glazing window needs is tough and quite stressful so I am here to help you find the best company.

How much do double glazed windows cost?

Ideally the first thing you should do is have a rough figure in your head to compare against. For simple double glazed PVC you are looking at around £400 per unit.

Always have a professional install your windows for you. You might know a friend who is a DIY lover but fitting double glazing is not easy and requires a professional. Having a professional fit your windows means if anything goes wrong then they will be liable.

How to pick the right window installer for you

Try and avoid the double-glazing advertising on your TV and radio. They all promise energy savings and half price windows. Make sure they are FENSA or CERTASS certified. If the window installer isn’t one of those look for another company. This is super important!

All the big window companies will charge more for your windows. They are extremely good but they can get away with charging more. A small local window company can do just a good enough job and will charge less. Also getting recommendations from friends and family works really well and probably the most reliable way to find a good quality installer. Ask to see some of their work – they should be happy to show you.

Do not sign up straight away

Try and ignore their hard sales talk. The salesman wants to secure the deal before he has left your house and will try to get you all signed up with a large deposit paid in advance. Ask the salesman to leave your house and say you will be in touch when you have made a decision. Make sure you are armed with multiple quotes and definitely haggle. These companies want your business and will definitely budge on their initial quotes.


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