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I turned 30 last year and with that my interests have completely turned to looking after my body especially my skin. It was almost like the minute I turned 30 I got my first grey hair, wrinkle and my bottom wasn’t as perky as it used to be! *Cue gym membership and frantic phone calls to my hairdresser*

In terms of skincare I have always been a bit slack if I’m honest mainly because my skin has never really caused any problems (I definitely take after my mum because her skin is beautiful, so it must be genetic) However since becoming a mum to two children and getting older because time is not on my hands I was battling with dull, tired  and dehydrated skin. So when the team from Seven Seas asked if I wanted to work with them on their Perfect7 Renewal Advanced range I jumped at the chance.

After doing some initial research I found that Perfect7 Renewal Advanced contained this exciting ingredient called Ceramosides which has been scientifically proven to to reduce wrinkles, leave your skin looking smooth and hydrated in 60 days. ceramosides consist of 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but obviously with age our ceramosides levels drop, skin moisture is lost and the formation of wrinkles then appear.

New Perfect7® Renewals innovative Ceramoside™ technology has been scientifically designed to support you, giving you better looking skin in 7 ways:† – (disclaimer for ‘7 ways’ †Results from a study on 40 female volunteers’ own perception after 60 days)

  1. Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  2. Skin firmness
  3. Skin moisture
  4. Skin smoothness
  5. Skin elasticity
  6. Skin radiance
  7. And skin softness

The Results

Now for what you have all come here for, the results! First of all I noticed the texture and smoothness of my skin improved. I’ve always been prone to under the skin bumps and these were reduced, it was one of the first improvements I noticed. Around ‘that time of the month’ I developed less spots and the hormonal changes didn’t affect my skin as much as it tends to do. My skin feels firmer and I haven’t developed any further wrinkles. I also feel like my overall health and wellbeing has improved – I feel less tired and because of that I have more energy to hit the gym and attend the yoga classes I love.

My Conclusion

Overall I have throughly enjoyed my 60 day trial so much so I have gone out and re purchased. I love that it’s made me feel happy in my own skin and I am less terrified to have make up free days. I would 110% recommend Seven Seas Perfect7 if you want radiant healthy happy looking skin and the Omega-3 to keep you healthy.


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