Celebrating A New Baby With Friends And Family

Getting that positive pregnancy test is one moment that you will never forget. When it is your first baby, you are probably overwhelmed with excitement and feeling a little scared about what is to come. But with second babies or more you feel less scared as you are perhaps more mentally prepared for what is to come. The excitement never goes away though, and it is definitely something that is worth celebrating as a family and with friends.

Of course, once the original overwhelming feeling has gone, you are left with the excitement and wanting to get organised. Mostly you want to involve friends and family, and even if this is your second or third time begin pregnant, the need to celebrate never really goes away. So here are some suggestions on some of the ways you can celebrate your new bundle of joy with your family and friends, or even document the process and get them involved.

Organise a baby shower

One of the most popular ways to celebrate a new baby is to consider a baby shower. It was made popular in the USA, but over the last few years has really made an impact here in the UK and more mothers to be are embracing the baby shower parties and enjoying the funny games and the gifts. Websites like https://www.mustelausa.com/baby-shower-ideas have some great ideas on the things that you can do, or even the alternative ideas to make your baby shower special and unique. Many people think that a baby shower is just for your first born, but there is nothing stopping you enjoying one for every child. It is a celebration of life after all.

Create a reveal video for pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant is very special, but often you want to keep the information to yourself for as long as possible. Traditionally people wait to the twelve week mark to feel like they are over the risky element of pregnancy. If you do decide to wait, or you want to tell friends and family in a creative way, then you could look at creating a pregnancy reveal video. Maybe getting other children involved and have them reveal you are pregnant with sonography pictures. There are lot of ideas to help you create your special video online.

Guess the gender

Growing in popularity is the idea of having a guess the gender party and then revealing it in some crazy way. It often means heading to the sonography right for a gender scan, and asking them to make a note of it in an envelope that you and your partner won’t see. The reveal happens at the party. Some of the ways you can reveal it include cutting into a cake to reveal with pink or blue icing. Popping a balloon to find it filled with blue or pink confetti. Revealing it through a gift such as opening a present to reveal a pink or a blue babygrow, for example. There are so many things you can so and thankfully there are plenty of ideas online to make this part of the pregnancy extra special and involve all the family.

Vlog your pregnancy for friends and family

Sometimes friends and family are just not lose by to enjoy your pregnancy in real life, so it could be that you want to vlog your pregnancy and create little video updates. Platforms like YouTube is great for this. Many people already do this sort of thing to help expectant mothers with the pregnancy symptoms and what to expect, but you could also make it a little more personal so that your friends and family don’t feel like they are missing out.

Organising a naming ceremony

Not everyone wants to have a big religious event once their baby arrives. Of course, a christening or baptism could be something you want to do, but if you want to celebrate your little ones arrival in a more informal setting then why not organise a naming ceremony instead? This could be a family party and the perfect opportunity to reveal the name you have chosen. You can have a cake, enable everyone to have a hold, and then once it is over you can head back into your baby bubble and enjoy the precious moments as a family. You don’t even need to do it that soon, many christenings and baptism happens when a child is few months old and even up to a year, so there is no rush to organise your celebration party if you wanted to wait.

Spend time with your closest friends

During your pregnancy, you are going through a whole host of emotions and feelings. Your mood changes, you feel heavy and your body is changing daily. So you may just want to take the opportunity to organise a few intimate dates with your closest friends. It could be a lovely relaxing spa afternoon, it might be a nice afternoon tea or just a lovely meal in your favourite restaurant. Do the things that you love to do and spend time with these people, as when the baby arrives you may feel less inclined to want to go out and leave your little one, or even entertain people as you are navigating your way through motherhood. It is an emotional time, so keep the people you love close by for support and friendship.

Go on a babymoon

Finally, a babymoon is another thing that has grown in popularity recently and can be a lovely way for you to reconnect with your partner before the baby arrives. It might be that you have a nice weekend away somewhere, or it could be a holiday if you have the opportunity to do it. It is a great way to spend some time relaxing before you life and routines change when your little one comes along.

Let’s hope that these ideas beheld you to celebrate a new baby with your friends and your family.


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