How to Inject Some Self-Care Into Your Day

We busy mothers spend so much time looking after others, that we often put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. As a result, it’s common for mums to feel exhausted at the end of each day (especially when there are plenty of toys to clear up around the house!).

Now is the time to give yourself some self-care. It isn’t just a great way to improve your mood; it’s also a vital aspect of mental and physical wellbeing. Here’s more information.

Why self-care matters

Here’s a depressing statistic. Levels of depression among mothers is up 50% compared to the previous generation. That’s a lot of parents who are suffering, as a result of feeling burnt out and tired. Injecting some self-care into your daily routine, even if it’s a small amount, can make a big difference.

Self-care ideas

  • Keep a journal. Many people swear by their journals. It’s a great way to let off some steam after a bad day, or to write down all the things that went well. They also provide a lot of fun to look back on, a few years down the line!


  • Go for a walk. Never underestimate the power of fresh air. If you’re feeling worn out by the day, even a brisk walk around the block can give you a valuable chance to mentally recharge, and reinvigorate your body too. If you’ve got some beautiful natural surroundings nearby (e.g. a beach or woodlands) make some time each week to go for a stroll there, as a treat.


  • Luxuriate (just for a little while). After the kids are in bed, run yourself a warm bath, with plenty of bubbles or scented oils. If you like, bring a book in, so you can catch up with your reading. If you want to go the whole hog, indulge in a glass of wine too.


  • Take time for friends. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of saying no to friends. After all, you’re so busy with work and family-life; how can you be expected to have time to meet up for a coffee? Try to change this mind-set. Even a quick drink with a friend in town can provide valuable social time; and a chance to talk through shared issues.


  • Scent yourself happy. Scent has been proven to have a powerful effect on mood. The right fragrance can serve to lift the spirits and take you back to a ‘happy’ place. Look for a perfume that’s got positive connotations for you; or you could even wear a splash of your partner’s Aventus fragrance to remind you of him, if you’re feeling romantically inclined!


  • Do something ‘out of the ordinary’. Sometimes, just breaking the daily routine is enough to make you feel less like you’re stuck in a rut. For example, go out with the family for the day, or even book a mini-break if you can afford it. Even enjoying a special meal with your kids or friends can make all the difference.

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