Don’t Forget These Things On Your Wedding Day


The wedding planning has taken its toll, but you’re finally there. Months of preparations have been done, the foundations are laid, and you’re ready for your wedding day.


It’s probably the most excited and nervous you’ve ever been in your life. No job interview in the world can prepare you for the jitters you experience on your wedding morning. There are so many emotions running through your head; it’s finally the big day!


The last thing you want is for your wedding to go badly. You want to avoid as many slip-ups as possible, and you’ve already taken steps to ensure it all goes smoothly. But, there are a few things most brides still forget on their wedding days. So, to ensure your big day is spectacular and drama-free, you can’t afford to forget these things:

The Rings

Imagine the scenes when you get to the altar and realise you forgot the rings. It would throw the whole day into a crazy mass of panic. Guests would start to murmur, you’d probably begin to cry, and someone will be dispatched right away to go and get the rings. You’d create a wedding that everyone will remember for a long time – just for the wrong reasons.


Granted, it won’t be the end of the world if you do forget the rings. When you think about it, rings are basically just one of the many interesting bridal traditions that we’ve become accustomed too. If you forget them, then it doesn’t mean you won’t be married! Yes, it’ll be embarrassing, and you will miss out on a huge part of your wedding day – but there’s no need to cancel or postpone things. Still, it’s better to remember them as you will avoid loads of unnecessary stress.


The Marriage Licence

I think this is one of the things people tend to forget as you don’t think about your wedding in terms of its legal standing. When you’re getting married, you’re focused on spending your life with the person you love. You want to take in all the romantic sights and scenes on your big day – the last thing you’re thinking about is if your marriage is legal or not!


But, if you forget the licence, then you’ve basically just put on a show. Your marriage won’t technically be official until the signatures are on your marriage licence. So, make sure you don’t forget to bring it. Otherwise, you end up in a situation where you’ve had a wedding but aren’t legally married.

A Change Of Outfits

Your wedding dress receives a great deal of attention – and for a good reason. It’s the main thing you think about when composing a wedding outfit. However, it’s not practical for the entire day. It’ll play a massive role during the ceremony – and possibly when you have your first dance at the reception – but you can’t spend the night partying away in a full-on wedding gown!


It gets in your way, and your shoes will be incredibly uncomfortable. As such, you need to remember a change of outfits. Have a second wedding outfit ready for you to change into when your reception gets into the swing of things. It’ll be easier for you to move in, and far more comfortable than your wedding dress. Now, you’re free to enjoy the celebrations without worrying about ruining your dress or feeling restricted when you dance.


A Few Snacks

No, this isn’t my inner greediness creeping out! It’s genuinely a good idea to have some snacks on your wedding day. The way I see it, you’ll go hours without any food at all. I mean, the chances are you didn’t have anything to eat in the morning. You can thank the butterflies in your stomach for that – you don’t want to throw up on your wedding day. So, you might not eat until early or mid-afternoon.


Consequently, it’s easy to get lightheaded and feel faint. To compensate for this, you can’t forget to bring a little bag full of snacks. Take things that are easy for you to eat – like nuts, crisps, rice cakes; anything that will provide a bit of nutrition without the possibility of staining your white dress. If you have kids, then snacks are just non-negotiable. They’ll make your big day a misery if they’re hungry, so ensure you keep plenty of food around for them to nibble on and stay happy.

An Emergency Kit

You have to keep all bases covered on this special day. Anything can happen; anything! The weather can take a turn for the worse and cause a torrential downpour on your wedding day. There could be a slight crack in the pavement as you walk into the church that snaps your heel and makes you twist your ankle. So many things could go wrong, and you need to be prepared for as many of them as possible.


To do this, you have to have an emergency kit. Here, you’ve got a bag full of a few emergency items that come in handy during worst-case scenarios. For example, you have some first aid items in case there’s an accident. Pack umbrellas or raincoats in case of bad weather, and always, always, always bring some emergency makeup supplies. The tears will flow on your wedding day, so your lovely makeup can smudge before it’s time for photos. But, you’re armed with an emergency kit. So, you can use your backup makeup to re-apply any smudged mascara or streaky foundation. As a result, you avoid wedding photos where you don’t look your best.


While all of these things can’t be forgotten, there’s one final thing I need to talk about. Above everything else, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding day. Hopefully, it’s the only one you’ll ever have. So, make the most of it! Don’t get caught up in making sure everything goes smoothly, trust that task to your wedding planners or friends/family. Instead, live in the moment and take everything in. You want to remember every part of your wedding day – enjoy it, dance, speak to your guests!



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