What to Include When Creating Birth Announcement Cards

The arrival of a new family member is always a time for celebration, and whether or not you are having a baby shower, it is traditional to send out birth announcement cards to selected people. If you are about to become a parent and would like the world to know about this amazing event, here are some important things to include in the birth announcement card.

  • The Baby’s Information – The baby’s name, gender and weight should be included, and some people prefer to insert an image, while others prefer their guests to get their first glimpse of baby in a face to face situation. You could also mention the time of the birth and the hospital location if you wish. If you are looking for baby birth announcement cards Australia providers are offering, there is a fabulous online company who will help you design the perfect announcement card, and once you have approved the final draft, they will be printed and sent with enough time for everyone to make arrangements to attend the baby shower.
  • The Parents’ Details – Mum and dad should be named, of course, and if there is to be a baby shower, the time and date should be included, along with the location. If you are at all unsure about birth announcement etiquette, the online designer and printer can offer you a wealth of experience in designing birth announcement cards, and they would also have some really unique types of paper to choose from, and of course, many design tools to help you create the ideal announcement.
  • The Baby Shower – The chances are that you have decided to have a baby shower, therefore, the date, time and location of this happy event should also be included, and if you want to be sure you can accommodate all the guests, add an RSVP. There is so much to organise when a baby and new mum is preparing to leave the hospital, and with online card designers who will customise the card to your specifications, you can place your order online, and once your final design has been approved, the cards will be printed and mailed to your home address. You might even want to include a gift list, which will ensure that you don’t end up with a lifetime supply of baby towels or potions.

Theming the Baby Shower

This is a purely personal choice, and many couples do decide to create a theme for the baby shower, and of you are planning to do just that, you can factor in your theme with the official birth announcement.

The easiest way to create your birth announcement is to use one of the online card design companies, who can take the strain out of creating the perfect card design. This allows you, the parents, to focus on the many aspects of baby care that you will be facing, without the worry of card design.


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