8 Common Wedding Organization Mistakes To Avoid

Want to avoid wedding bells turning into alarm bells? Here are a few mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding that could prevent disaster.

Having no clear budget
It’s important that you know your budget before planning anything. You don’t want to start splashing out on the venue and dress only to realise that you haven’t got enough money left for other vital aspects. Start with a clear budget, so that you don’t force yourself into debt.

Sending out invites too late
To ensure that as many guests are able to make it as possible, avoid sending out invites too late. Sending out invites five to six months in advance will reduce the chance that guests may already have plans. It also gives you time to chase up guests.

Hiring friends and not professionals
Hiring friends to take on wedding responsibilities can save you money, but without professional experience they may not carry out these responsibilities to the quality that you desire. Certain jobs like photography or catering could also prevent your friends from joining in the celebrations. Put your trust in professional companies like Trez Entertainment when it comes to aspects like DJing. It’s more expensive, but you’ll have more certainty that things will go smoothly.
Skipping the hair/make-up trial
Hair and make-up are important aspects for the bride. Having a couple trials the weeks before the big day could allow you to test out different looks. You don’t want to be stuck with a style on your wedding day that you’re not happy with, all because you never did a trial.

Buying a dress too early
The dress is an important component but ideally it should be one of the last items you buy. Knowing your venue and transport could be important for helping you to choose a practical dress. You also want to be careful of gaining or losing weight before your wedding day – the last thing you want it to not be able to fit into your dress because you bought it a year ago when your size was different.

Failing to prepare for all weathers
Regardless of where and when you choose to get married, you can never be certain that the weather will be good. In case of wind and rain, have a bad weather plan in place. This is particularly important if you’re planning an outdoor wedding – hiring a marquee could help to provide shelter. You should also be wary of travelling to your wedding in an open-top vehicle.

Not considering your guests’ needs
Your wedding is primarily about you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your guest needs. Making things more comfortable and enjoyable for them will help them enjoy it more so that it’s a memorable occasion for everyone. A few options for treating your guests could include supplying flip-flops for female guests that want a break from heels, putting money behind the bar, giving guests directions to the venue, offering child’s entertainment and catering to different dietary requirements.

Not taking out wedding insurance
There are some last-minute disasters that may require cancelling the entire wedding such as the bride or groom falling ill or the wedding dress getting lost or stolen. In such scenarios, wedding insurance is handy to have. You’ll be able to claim compensation for most of the wedding costs, which could allow you to rearrange the event. You can shop for this insurance at sites like CompareWeddingInsurance.


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