5 Tips For A Classy Wedding Day

There are plenty of different styles for a wedding, but perhaps the one that is understandably most sought after is the classy wedding. While you can incorporate modern wedding trends into your big day, by choosing an overall chic day, you’ll be making your big day feel timeless. It’ll certainly be a wedding that looks fantastic in photos many decades from now! But of course, everyone wants to have a classy wedding, but how do you actually do it? We take a look at a few tried and tested tips below.

Don’t Overpack

There’s an assuredness and calmness associated with classiness. And it’ll be hard to feel all assured and calm if your day is jam-packed with events from beginning to end. There are some weddings where there’s just not quite enough time for relaxing and just enjoying the moment; people are always getting shepherded from one place to another. Aside from everything else, having a ‘less is more’ approach will allow you and your partner to enjoy the day too. To free up the stress aspect completely, look at hiring a wedding planner.

The Right Number of Guests

There’s something to be said for having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests, but if you want to take the classy route, then look at keeping the number of attendees to a minimum. Smaller weddings are more intimate and it’s just as possible to have bags of fun even though the wedding venue isn’t bursting at the seams. Some people like to avoid anyone and everyone that they know to their wedding, but it can be nicer to keep the number of guests to just the really special people in your life. 

Get the Look

Of course, if you want to keep things classy, then you’ll need to work extra hard on the aesthetics of the event. This will include the overall look and feel of the decor of the venue, and also the attire that everyone is working. To ensure that the wedding party looks as classy as possible, consider ivory in the wedding color palette . It has a timeless quality that just works. You can push the look even further by adopting a black tie dress code for your guests. They’ll relish the chance to wear clothing they don’t usually wear, and your photos will look incredible.

Serving Up the Fun

People tend to think that classiness means no fun, but this isn’t the case. If it’s overly formal, then it’ll be less fun, sure, but classy? No way. It’s just the vehicles towards fun might be different. Instead of bottled beer, you’ll be serving cocktails and glasses of champagne. No matter what happens, the dance floor will be full of people!

Make it Personal 

Finally, be sure to make things personal. A classy wedding is an intimate wedding, and in any case, you’re a classy couple! Incorporate your personality into the day’s events, and you’ll be on the right path towards a wedding that everyone will love


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